Meadow Farm has a secret. Behind the scenes, some of the animals are very musical. Robbie Robin wants them to form a band, but one animal feels so left out… How can Robbie help to put things right?

This book explores how it feels to be excluded and how an onlooker can make things better. Young children learn to empathise with the story’s characters. They learn to name and describe different feelings. Do they know anyone who appears to be left out? Do they themselves ever feel left out? How can we learn from our mistakes?

The Meadow Farm Band teaches children the value of inclusion and can be used as an early anti-bullying intervention at school, nursery and in the home.

Product Details

Paperback: 28 pages

Publisher: Silverwood Books (30 May 2019)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1781328730

ISBN-13: 978-1781328736  

Product Dimensions:  21.6 x 0.2 x 21.6 cm 

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Meet The Band Members

Robbie Robin


  • Robbie Robin is the founder and manager of The Meadow Farm Band. He is able to view situations objectively. If someone is in need of help or encouragement, he is always there to lend a hand. Robbie is a quiet hero, expecting nothing in return-only the happiness of everyone around him. My father inspired me to create Robbie Robin. Sadly my father died in November 2015, but I know he is still watching over me. There is a robin that often lands on our garden fence and takes a slow, careful look at everything around him...

Carlene Cow


  • Carlene Cow is the singer of The Meadow Farm Band. She has an incredible singing voice. It is sweet, deep, strong and will give you goosebumps all over if you ever have the good fortune to hear her! Things have not been easy for Carlene however. She has had a terrible time wrestling with shyness and anxiety. This is going to be explored further in The Meadow Talent Show, which is a prequel to The Meadow Farm Band. 
  • Look out for this second book in the Meadow Farm series, teaching the value of confidence. I will keep you updated!

Chuck Chick


  • Chuck Chick is fun loving band member and as you can see, he plays a mean guitar! Chuck Chick has spent most of his life practising his riffs and licks. His real hero is Chuck Berry but Chuck Chick admires any rock star! Our Chuck dreams of being a famous rock star himself! He believes in holding onto his dream and never letting go. Do you have a dream? I always knew that I had at least one story inside me... and whenever I started drawing or painting, my heart would dance with joy! What is your passion? I would love to hear about it. Drop me a line!

Peter Pig


  • Peter Pig is a bit of a Steady Eddie! His now competent banjo playing is really appreciated by all band members. However, when Peter started to learn to play the banjo, he really made a painful sound!!! In spite of some his friends telling him that he should give up, Peter Pig kept going and never gave up. Robbie Robin always knew that there was a musical spark waiting to be lit within Peter Pig! Robbie Robin gave Peter the thumbs up and Peter knew that there was a glimmer of success at the end of  a long tunnel of sheer graft and persistence!  

Felix Fox


  • Felix Fox is a master violinist and is the true musical genius of the band.
  •  Right from the start, Felix Fox knew that he had such a lot to offer as a future Meadow Farm Band member. He had heard the others practising on their own and was curious. He felt sad and hurt that nearly all the farm animals were so suspicious of him! Robbie Robin was the only one who offered Felix friendship and appreciation!
  •  Poor Felix Fox has had to endure the pain of being excluded... This story is aimed at 3 to 6 year olds, but this is a lifelong happening unfortunately! Let us all become more aware of when people are not feeling included and let us take action!

New Band Member


  • The Meadow Farm Band is looking for a new band member. Can you help us?
  •  Proceed to character profile download and create your own Meadow Farm Band character.
  • Who knows, your character may appear in a future Meadow Farm story!!
  • Or even better... write your own story! 
  • Please email me your results! I'd love to see them!