Reviews and Testimonials

The Meadow Farm Band

" Brilliant work! My niece and nephew absolutely love the book!"

Absihek Reddy

Meadow Farm Books

 "Marvellous children’s stories beautifully illustrated!"

Rev Gill Smith

The Meadow Farm Band

"Lovely wee book with brilliant characters and illustrations, with great talking points and opportunities for children to express their feelings...look forward to seeing more from Liz Price.."

Rona Watson 

Everton Heath Primary School Visit

"It was great having Liz Price in our school and the feedback from staff and children was fab! Thank you Liz!"

Aileen Russell Headteacher

Woodentops Preschool Visit

"Amber was talking all about your book when I picked her up 🙂 can’t wait to buy her a copy!"

Eleanor Stewart

Woodentops Preschool Visit

"We all enjoyed having you visit Liz. Thank you again for coming!"

Susan Ellizabeth Heald

Comments from Book Launch

Potton Lower School

"Thank you so much for sharing the incredible 'The Meadow Farm Band' with Potton Lower. They loved it and it has been a joy to hear 'The Band' being role played in our setting. I'm unbelievably proud of you! This is only the beginning..."

Charlotte Coppenhall

Parental Review

"Fantastic story! The children loved you coming into their school."

Jo Morris

St Mary's Church

What a brilliant book Liz! The first of many...I'm so thrilled that so many children will learn fantastic values through your clever stories!"

Rev. Gill Smith

Earith Primary

"You are a very talented lady! I love your story and wonderful illustrations. Congratulations!"

Debbie Rudwick

Review from Primary School Teacher and grandparent

Well done Liz! It is a brilliant book! My granddaughter Amelia loved it! Looking forward to the next book!

Jill Lowery

Parental Review

Lovely book and a lovely book launch day! My girls didn't want to leave!

Alison Lawson