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Elizabeth Price

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I was born in Garlieston in Wigtownshire and moved with my family  to Fraserburgh, in Aberdeenshire, when I was 2 years old. I have very fond memories of my childhood, even though being the daughter of a Church of Scotland minister was not plain sailing. The times I wished that my dad could have been a fisherman! It would have been much cooler! In later life, I was to appreciate what a wonderful role model my father had been. So much so, that he now appears as Robbie Robin in The Meadow Farm Books! He was a true hero on the quiet-always listening, caring and encouraging others to do their best.

I studied French and German at Edinburgh University and fairly soon afterwards I moved to England.  I have lived in Potton, Bedfordshire for over 30 years now and spent 21 years as a primary teacher[Mrs Wiltshire] at Potton Lower School-specializing in Reception and Key Stage 1. I spent a further two years teaching Reception and Key Stage 1 at Earith Primary School, near Huntingdon. Both teaching experiences have been extremely fulfilling and rewarding times in my life. My top favourite subjects to teach are: Art, Literacy, Music and Values Education. 

I have always had a huge love for good picture books. They can be such an effective way of connecting with children. They give children an opportunity to share their own life experiences, thoughts, hopes and fears. They can convey important  messages in a subtle, imaginative and fun way.

I am a member of The Society of Authors and The National Association of Writers in Education

In The Meadow Farm Band story, I have created a scenario which shows what happens when someone[Felix Fox] feels excluded. How can we name and describe different feelings? What can we learn about empathy? What can we do to help put things right?

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I have had loads of fun creating the Meadow Farm story characters. I hope you end up knowing and loving them as much as I do!

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